Inspect web like never before
Measure distances and check specs, just like in your favorite design handoff tool. On every web page.
Measuremate perfectly complements the design handoff process. Now you can check the accuracy of the resulting layout much faster.
Viewport tools
Explore distances and specs without losing context
Distances and Sizes
Select an element and hover over any other to spec the spacing between them.
Guides are automatically placed along the borders of the selected element. They are helpful to verify that all elements are lined up correctly.
Box sizing
Explore the structure of the block box model right on the page. Also useful when working with collapsing margins.
Box sizing
Shift+click, Shift+click, Shift+click... Gather a group of elements and measure distances relative to it.
Get details about selected element without having to open the developer tools
Box model
Get all the data you need about the element's structure and dimensions.
Properties overview
A compact view of element styles and attributes, all in one place and grouped according to their purpose.
Parents tree
Navigation through the list of all parent elements. Especially handy when you need to get to the parent element, which is difficult to select by clicking
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